Go Here Eat This; Kuliya Chaat In Chandni Chowk


Ever heard of Kuliya ki Chaat in Chandni Chowk. Hira Laal Chaat Corner is a famous Chaat wala in Delhi that serves lip-smacking Fruit Chaat in Chandni Chowk. Kuliya or Kulle is fruit and vegetable cups that are scooped out of its flesh and then filled with flavoured stuffing. The Kuliya Chaat is a quintessential street food sold in Old Delhi, for more than 100 years.

Not many, but there are only a handful of Chaat corners across the walled city that sells this prized possession. One such place is Hira Laal Chaat Corner in Gali Lohe Wali, Chawri Bazaar. This place is more than a century old and is well-regarded to serve the most delicious and flavorful Kuliya Ki Chaat in the city.


This wonderful edition of Fruit Chaat is great in taste and has an impeccable flavor. The fruits induces freshness, while tangy Chaat Masala gives it a marvelous flavor. Not to forget, the lemon juice balances the overall sweetness and makes it more delicious. They add boiled Chickepeas and fresh Pomegranate seeds. The crunchiness of Pomegranate contrasts with the softness of fruit cups and gives it a zesty tang. this is one of the most unusual Chaat, yet amazing one in the walled city of Old Delhi.


I was told that Hira Lal chaat Corner was established by Late Mr. Rati Ram. At present, the shop is run by Mr. Ram Babu Kushwaha, third generation family member. When i asked how it all started, Mr. Kushwaha said that it was invented by chance in a happy way. It was during a hot summer day, the owner was hollowed the boiled potato and filled it with flavoured whole kabuli chana, chaat masala and sprinkled lemon juice atop. Since it tasted nice, they started selling it and called it Kulliya. The word Kulliya is suppose to have been named after the “Kullhad”. As more and more customers appreciated this Kuliya Chaat, they experimented it further and added a whole new range of fruits and other ingredients to make the Chaat more flavorful.

Today, the boiled potato can be substituted with sweet-potato, watermelon, apple, orange, banana or cucumber. The Chaat can be customized further and can be made extra spicy, tangy or a bit sour. It all depends on the palate of the customers.

Price: They serve small and large plate of Kulliya Chaat. Small plate is good enough for the first time. Although the price is fixed, it may vary depending on what fruits you want more. If you want only fruits no potatoes, it will cost more than usual.

Location: Move straight on the Chawri Bazaar main road, after walking arounf 200-250 meters, you will find this shop close to Raghuganj. Ask anyone for Lohe Wali Gali or Hira Laal Chaat Corner.

Hira Chaat Corner

  • 3636, Gali Lohe Wali, Chawri Bazar, New Delhi