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Try Delicious North Indian Dishes At Zaffran In Greater Kailash (GK), Delhi


Zaffran is a wonderful place for delicious North Indian and Mughlai food. This lovely dining restaurant has an amazing ambiance which is best suited for family and couples. The place is quite spacious and has glass wall which is decorated with lush greenery. It also has a kitchen view, where you can see the chefs preparing the food. The best part about the place is the glass walls that gives it the feel of a terrace, yet it’s closed. The seating is comfortable and the lightings is so well-adjusted. Another thing I adored is their music. Their playlist is so soothing.

DSC_3373Enough of the ambiance. Now comes the food. The menu is a little reserved, but is quite elaborate in its own manner. All the well-known North Indian dishes has been listed on the menu. I was so pleased with their Veg and Non Veg Platters, I ordered it right away.

The Non-Veg Platter comes with Mutton Seekh Kebab, Murg Seekh Kebab, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka and Amritsari Fish Tikka. The Platter had a superb taste. The Seekh Kebabs, Amristari Fish Tikka and Tikka were out of the world. So well made. The Seekh Kebabs were so crisp on the outside and so soft and juicy inside. The flavors were amazing. The Tikka and Fish, both were tender and nicely flavoured. Great that I ordered the Non-Veg Platter.

DSC_3369Along-with the Starters, I ordered Margarita. Quite peculiar in taste, nothing exceptional. I decided to order few more Drinks. I placed my order for Melon Mojito and Tropical Punch. The Melon Mojito was so fresh and had an amazing taste of Watermelon with a hint of Mint and Lime chunks. The Tropical Punch seems to be more like mix-fresh Juice, but was superbly made and was so refreshing. It was made with Pineapple, Banana and Orange.

DSC_3436While I was sipping on my Drinks, I was looking at the menu to decide the Main Course. I was delighted to see Karari Bhindi and so many Mutton dishes. I happily asked for Karari Bhindi, Punjabi Gosht, Veg Biryani, Naan and Missi Roti. The first to arrive on my table was Karari Bhindi. Whoa! It was so well made. Super crispy and tossed in rich Indian spices. It tasted so wonderful. Great dish.


Of all the dish, the Punjabi Gosht was the clear winner. It was so so delicious, there is no question you should miss this one. The Mutton pieces were so tender and nicely made, it was loaded with flavors. A little spicy, but great with Missi Roti and Biryani. The Biryani was equally well-made. It was prepared with the long grain Basmati rice with lots of fresh green Vegetables and Dry Fruits. I also enjoyed their Breads. Both, Naan and Missi Roti was warm, soft and fluffy. It was smeared in Desi Ghee and the aroma was so enchanting. I was also served a bowl of mix-veg Raita. Cold, juicy and quite thick. Great to have with Biryani.

DSC_3430At last. I ordered Gulab Jamun for Desserts. Though they have Kulfi and Phirnee too, I ordered Gulab Jamun. It was simple and quite tasty. Served slightly warm in a glass bowl. Perfectly sweet.

DSC_3513Another thing that I loved about the place is the service and staff. They are so well-behaved and helpful. The service is quick and must so delightful. They are so attentive you won’t have to even ask for them once. Zaffran is the place you should be visiting for a memorable family dining. Amazing place.


  • N-2, Greater Kailash (GK) 1, New Delhi
    North Indian, Mughlai
    Rs 2000 for two people
    12:30 PM to 12 Midnight