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Best Top 10 Restaurants in Connaught Place, New Delhi, India

Top 10 Restaurants in Connaught Place

Ultimate places to eat in Connaught Place. Most popular restaurants in Connaught Place, Delhi. List of Best Connaught Place restaurants to taste the rich-food of Delhi. These top 10 restaurants in Connaught Place are well known (for its food and service) and are iconic in one or more ways.

Parikrama – The Revolving Restaurant

As the name says, Parikrama is a revolving restaurant. It is one of the oldest restaurants in Connaught Place, the highest revolving restaurant in Delhi-NCR. It offers a picturesque view of Connaught Place, 360 degree view of Delhi. Having a meal at Prakirama shall cost you Rs. 2200. Besides, North Indian and Mughlai, it also serves Chinese.

Aqua – The Park

Aqua (The Park) is the best poolside restaurant in Delhi. Aqua is also one of the best romantic restaurants with pool side sitting, awesome ambiance and tasty food. It serves Continental, Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. The place is lavish and costs Rs. 3500 for two people. Oh yes, if you are heading there on Sunday, reservation is recommended.

The Spice Route

The Spice Route is one of the most preferred restaurant for Malaysian and Thai food. It also serves South Indian and Seafood. It is widely known for its interiors and wall-paintings (Asian-style). It is said to be one of the most beautiful restaurants in Delhi and a perfect ensemble of art, food and culture. The food at The Spice Route is extremely costly (Rs. 6000)

The Great Kabab Factory

Known for its kebabs and North Indian food, The Great Kabab Factory (Connaught Place) is quintessential. If you are a hardcore non-vegetarian, you must visit this place once. Mouth-melting kebabs at The Great Kabab Factory costs Rs. 3000. It also serves buffet (dinner) for Rs. 1299.


It’s one of the few place in Delhi NCR, where you can get the best Mughlai in town. It’s place for mouth-watering food with traditional feel. It will only cost you Rs. 1,500 to have a full-course meal t Zaffran. The restaurant serves Mughlai and North Indian food. If you are visiting the place, notice the walls. It have pictures of Connaught Place (since early days).


If you are running low on your budget and still want to have food in royal ambiance, try Veda. Veda restaurant will only cost you Rs. 1500. The restaurant serves North Indian, Mughlai food. The ambiance and the decor are really pleasing. Surprisingly, it only costs Rs. 175 for a pint of beer at Veda.

Barbeque Nation

It’s the only place in Delhi-NCR, where you can find buffet menu for kids (Rs. 397 Lunch/Dinner For Kids). You can order North Indian, Chinese and Mediterranean cuisines at Barbeque Nation. Meal costs Rs. 1600 and a pint of beer costs Rs. 100 only. It also serves buffets throughout the week. The place also has outdoor seating arrangements.

Andhra Bhavan

If you are planning to eat in Delhi NCR, Andhra Bhawan is a must visit place. It will teach you to grab a seat and eat. Don’t expect reservations or empty seats as the place is heavily crowded. It will give you a South Indian canteen feel. But, don’t underestimate the power of tasty food.  Andhra Bhawan serves Andhra food and South Indian delicacies. It’s extremely cheap and shall costs you only Rs. 300. Amazing food at drop dead cheap prices.

Chew – Pan Asian Cafe

Chew is known for its authentic Asian cuisine – Japanese, Chinese and Thai. The place serves very tasty food at reasonable price. It will cost you Rs 1,500 for a meal of two. With pattern floor design, overhead-yellow pipes and stone walls, the place is all about Asia.

Saravana Bhavan

Authentic South Indian food at just Rs. 400.  It is one of the best place to have the South Indian dishes. It is also one of the oldest South Indian restaurant in Delhi NCR. Saravana Bhawan will teach you to order more than just the regular Idli-Dosa. If you love South Indian food, it is a must-visit place.

Image: Rajkumar1220@Flickr