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Top 10 Restaurants at North Campus (Delhi University), GTB Nagar

Top 10 Restaurants around North Campus (Delhi University)

List of the best and most popular restaurants at North Campus (Delhi University). Get acquainted with the top restaurants in Delhi University (North Campus) GTB Nagar and nearby localities. Most popular restaurants in North Delhi (North Campus, DU) serve flavorful, yummy food at reasonable prices for students.


Foodies’ paradise at North Campus (Delhi University). You cannot miss out on this awesome place in North Campus, GTB Nagar. The place serves American, Lebanese, Mexican, Italian and Continental dishes and costs Rs 750 for two people. The place is known for its quality of food they offer and the ambience of the place. This place is more like a student’s joins so no alcohol and no smoking area.

QD Restaurant

QD Restaurant around Delhi University, GTB Nagar is the most favorite eating joint during college days. QD Restaurant is known for its signature dish, Tandoori momos. The restaurant serves North Indian and Chinese cuisines and is reasonably cheap (costs Rs 500 for two people). The restaurant’s service is amazing and meets the student’s demand.

Indus Flavour

Indus Flavor is another favorite food destination around North Campus of Delhi University (GTB Nagar). The restaurant is hugely popular and also does home delivery. Yummy food at Indus Flavor costs Rs 850 for two people and their service is really quick. The best part, you can customize your meal. I must mention this, they serve absolutely fantastic honey chili potatoes. Go there without a doubt.

Big Yellow Door

Big Yellow Door is known to everyone who lives around North Campus (Delhi University). The place gets open early in the morning (8am) till late night (11pm). This place is highly recommended if you are at North Campus. The place is small but the food and ambience makes up for it.

Bille Di Hatti

Bille Di Hatti is a popular street food joint in North Campus (Delhi University). It is a small food-joint which serves lassi and chole bhature. The place is preferred by students looking for a quick bite without compromising taste. You can also try Chache Di Hatti in Kamla Nagar, known for its special “aloo wale chole bhature” with signature chaat masala.


If you are craving for Asian food (Chinese, Thai, Tibetan), head over to Shagun in North Campus. The place serves tasty Asian food and is extremely popular amongst girls. The ambiance here is amazing and they play Asian music in the background. The service is excellent and it will cost you around Rs 650 for two people meal.

Singh Ching

Singh Ching is a popular North Indian restaurant in North Campus (DU, GTB Nagar) which also serves Mughlai and Chinese cuisines. It is a family restaurant and often crowded. The food is reasonable priced and it will not cost you more than Rs 600 for two people.

Bromfy Public House

Bromfy Public House in Kamla Nagar (North Campus) is a popular late night hangout place (open till 1am). The place is usually crowded with students who prefer the charming ambience and rock music. The Bromfy Public House is bit costly for students (Rs 1,300 for two people) and serves American, Italian and North Indian food.

Mr. Crust Bakers

Mr.Crust Bakers is the most famous bakery shop in North Campus. It has a large collection of amazing pastries and cakes at an unbelievable price (Rs 300 for two people). It also serves fast food and snacks. Everything served here is accepted to be extremely satisfying and fulfilling.

The Beer Cafe

As the name says, The Beer Cafe is for people who love drinking with food. The cafe serves Finger Food, North Indian and Asian cuisines and costs Rs 1,300 for two people and Rs 125 for a pint of beer. The Beer Cafe remains open till late night (1AM). Besides food, the place has a wide variety of liquor.

Image: Creative Commons Flickr: Aleksandr Zykov